“We are, each of us, a multitude” – Carl Sagan, fr. Cosmos

For the most of us who now number near 7 billion, it is probable that we each have 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 arms, one head and one heart. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes to name a few personal numbers; but these are just a small number of the bigger parts that make us a whole. What lies beneath these figures that we can count on one or more hands are numbers that are staggering to the imagination.

The numbers that create us and the numbers we are a part of are so large themselves that words have had to be created to describe the quantity involved. We are each billions of cells organized in a manner to make us. Our DNA itself is a number that is a billion sequences and found in each of those cells but a few. The numbers are enormous when you count the number of DNA sequences and the total found in every cell of those pairs that create who we are; the sum is billions and billions of them.

Consider now the numbers our numbers are part of; Billions of years have elapsed since the earth formed and the day you are in reading this. We can look up at a sun/star that is one of as many cells in our bodies, billions in our galaxy alone. Trillions of miles are the distance between us and the closest star to our own. Trillions, and trillions upon trillions of atoms populate the universe and about a trillion of them are in you.

One must ask with such astounding numbers what we actually own of ourselves, what to pin down as the “I” and with what multitude of parts does it begin? As the sum of these numbers is ultimately what we recognize, what we realize as the “me” and the “you,” are just one number in a massive amount. For as a whole we do not know the parts anymore than the parts know they are part of a whole. We are in fact a multitude and as every “I” is in the company of so many, should we not call the sum of ourselves billionaires?

Out there, the world we are a part of; inside here, the mind that thought is made of, it is all part of the all. At no point do we observe, think or act outside of this all encompassing all. We are in a constant state with the all as all is all there is.

Just what is this all; an all that is perfect at any moment, an all that we are all part of? It is everything that we can participate in and everything that is going on with or without our awareness. It is the life we feel and the life we observe. It is what can be described and what has left to be defined. The all is the joy, the sorrow, the triumphs and the pain. The all is what we try to change; the all is what makes us transform. The all is a loving parent and a frightful foe. The all is what we fight with and the all is what we fight for. The all is the totality of everything and the part that is anything. The all is all there is.

The all is the here you can see and the there you dream of. The all are the horizons in front of us that keep us important and the distant points far from sight where we become irrelevant.

The all is all there is and at its centre is you!

Journey in Unison

Perhaps this has happened to you…You search the web for a site on spirituality or a particular flavour of it and begin peeking at the results. You read through the front page, click on the links, it seems like something you agree with or find curious. You read on and let your mind wander as breadcrumbs of someone or some group’s wisdom illuminates your own life path.  You click a little more and the enlightenment you were seeking finally comes to a climax. The wheels screech…

The light you find is not trying to illuminate your mind, perhaps at least not at first; it was a beam of light aimed at your wallet. The website you just wasted a few minutes or more of your time was nothing but an infomercial! A teaser, like a movie trailer showing you the best parts of an upcoming film that tempts you to take that afternoon or evening to go see. Likewise, perhaps you buy in to the website; purchase that e-book or weekly class sent to your e-mail’s inbox only to conclude, like a movie trailer, the best parts were only in the teasing trailer. Caveat Emptor!

In spite of being an austere atheist, I find the urge to quote a bit from the bible about “rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God’s.” Although the internet is hardly a temple that quote’s context is set in; it does steer towards a similar point in regard to what should be free from the enterprising way of society. What is legitimately a product for sale and what should be deemed sacred for the proverbial temple?

This issue is compounded by our easy to exchange information age that has prompted debate and legislation that takes on copyright and idea ownership to new levels. Whilst that endeavour has come short of copyrighting the very letters of the alphabet; our pursuit for profit is the steam that drives the issue. Copyright in itself could be for another post but the relevant concept here is what should we profit from?

In a discussion I had recently on paying for “wisdom,” I was confronted with a challenge to answer for compensating for hours of work and preparation. I blurted out “stewardship.” Wisdom should be given as it should be received; freely. That can only be done in the caring domain of stewardship. Money is an unfortunate discrepancy in our society, its consequences have caused vast inequalities in the social order for sure; however, to each rich or poor we are equal parts in this mystery we call being. Money should not be a toll or tool to bridge the mind with any spiritual truth or insight about existence and our place in it.

This blog happens to be another incarnation of my own attempt to share my own wisdom; I have never stepped into any of the endeavours related to it enticed by monetary gain.  For me this is a matter of giving back to the universe what it has given me. The universe never charged me to look at the stars, a fee to awe at a sunset or a bill to contemplate them both and my place in it. Spirituality is a subject of the utmost personal and subjective affair. It may even have the same source, but, for every one that it is received,  spiritual wisdoms becomes something distinct and the value for it will also be unique. Spirituality therefore has a value after it is received and as a consequence it can’t be something that has a price tag prior to purchase.

Am I naïve to the need for financial support in sustaining a person or group’s existence? No. I understand too well because of the way the world works money may or will have to be an issue even in stewardship. Here again, stewardship can be applied as a reciprocal gift but never obligated; to give in return freely and per the sum one can afford. To do anything else, to allow for anything else would require some bureaucratic method; have we not structured the world enough? The universe is free to look at and so should sharing what we hear from it.

Journey in Unison

My First Test Post

So this is the blogosphere, the place to put our thoughts, rants, raves, questions, wisdom and other nonsense for the world to read for a few moments to be amused. LOL!!!

While i need another distraction from writing this may be a nice playground for me while seeking inspiration for my other writing interests. 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. 🙂

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